NHSP Project Report – Mississauga Jiahua Chinese Seniors Association

Jiahua applied for the federal government’s New Horizon for Seniors Program fund at the end of last year. Funding was approved in April of this year in the total of $25,000. As per the government’s request, we announced the content of the government’s funds and projects to all our members. The purpose of the new project is to open six online teaching classes that should combine online teaching with offline activities in the future, and integrate elderly fitness and activities into our daily life.

Today (July 20th, 2022) we take this opportunity to report on the progress of the project implementation.  From April to May, the NHSP project special committee was established. This composed of the Jiahua Council and technical staff Zhang Ji. The implementation plan was determined at the meeting.  From May to June, Zhang Ji held online ZOOM lectures, and successively provided training and individual counseling to teachers.  Online yoga classes, folk dance classes and music classes started smoothly in June with great effectiveness.  In July, Tai Chi classes, square dance classes, Latin dance classes started, and with line dance classes in preparation.  Due to summer community venues, Jiahua events were typically closed as planned. But with the help of the government, the Jiahua Online Teaching Project has allowed our activities to continue.  After September, due to the start of offline activities, we will adjust the time and content of online courses.

Since this new teaching method has recently started, teachers are still exploring the teaching methods. Since it is video-based teaching, the teaching should be simple and easy to learn, and it should be aimed at the general public and focus on fitness and entertainment.  Currently there are not enough students participating. Our online courses are intended to serve the elderly in the entire community, not just members of Jiahua.  We are looking for ways to attract more people to participate in the programs since our program requires at least thirty students per class.  For the elderly, many people will have difficulties in taking online classes. If necessary, we will hold training sessions to help get people online.

Our project needs to be widely publicized.  We have good teachers. All online classes are free, and we need to let more people know and participate in various ways.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.



各位加华会友们,朋友们!这里告诉大家一个好消息。加华申请联邦政府老人基金项目(New Horizon for Seniors Program)总额25000加元,已经获得批准。项目名称:”Online Training Courses for Seniors”.实施日期: April 1 2022- March 31 2023. 基金 项目的主要目的是: 开办网上老人娱乐,健身,学习课堂,结合加华社区活动,促进长者们积极,快乐,健康的生活。项目的实施将会帮助长者克服疫情传播造成的的巨大负面影响,恢复身体锻炼,参加网上学习,摆脱社会孤独。




Here is some good news for you. Jiahua’s application for the federal government’s New Horizon for Seniors Program totaling $25,000 has been approved.  

Project name: “Online Training Courses for Seniors”.
Implementation date: April 1 2022~March 31 2023. 
The main purposes of the funding for the project:

-To open online entertainment, fitness, and learning classes for the elderly, in conjunction with Jiahua community events.

-To promote the activeness of the elderly for a happy and healthy life.  

-The implementation of the project will help the elderly overcome the huge negative impact caused by the spread of the epidemic, resume physical exercise, participate in online learning, and get rid of social loneliness.

A special committee for the project has been established and online teaching training is being prepared. Soon our online classes will be open to everyone free of charge. All members (new and old members of Jiahua) are welcome to participate. You can also invite friends to participate. You are also welcome to make any requests.  
Let us all work together with the strong support of the government to develop Jiahua activities further through this project.