October 20, 2021


To all elderly friends who like Tai Chi, dancing, singing, and playing ping-pong, I would like to give you some good news.  As you know, due to the pandemic, Jiahua’s activities were cancelled for more than one and a half years. Now as the pandemic situation improves, with the joint efforts of the association and the community, the various activities in Jiahua will gradually return to normal (Please refer to the 2021 Jiahua  Autumn Event Schedule). Congratulations to everyone for passing the test of a rare pandemic in history, but you must know that fighting the disease ultimately depends on improving your physical fitness and self-immunity.  The purpose of the Jiahua events are to encourage the elders of Mississauga to participate in the events and become more active, healthy and happy after retirement.  I hope you will continue to participate in Jiahua’s events, and it will be you who will benefit in the end.  The pandemic has not completely disappeared, and the potential dangers still exist. I hope that when you come to participate in the events that you will strictly abide by all local and provincial COVID policies and follow all public health guidelines. Protecting yourself is also protecting everyone.  Jiahua is everyone’s Jiahua, and we also hope that everyone will make good suggestions for Jiahua activities in the post-pandemic  period. We will work together to continuously make Jiahua activities better.

Holidays Hour